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SORQ makes it possible. Dynapay Limited receives FCA licence.


We’re pleased to announce that our loyal client Dynapay Limited has finally completed FCA certification and is now operating as an authorised electronic money institution. 


FCA stands for Financial Conduct Authority, a conduct regulator for financial firms and markets in the UK.

That is why receiving an FCA licence is difficult – you have to undergo a detailed certification process and prove your worth as an honest member of the financial community.

The licensing process itself was supported and overviewed personally by our CEO Vladimir Remi. Thanks to his extensive experience. We can now fully engage in the next stage of development alongside Dynapay Limited.

It was great to have this opportunity to share our professional knowledge and build more trust with the client. As a result, we’re proud to have one more successfully certified company as a part of our portfolio.

To receive professional processing solutions for your business, visit the Dynapay website now.

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Arthur Shah-Nazarov