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SORQ partners with industry leaders in compliance


SORQ has high standards with its partners and clients, and we collaborate with the best companies in the industry to bring our high standards to you and your organisation. We're proud to announce that we now work with CreditSafe, ComplyAdvantage and Jumio to deliver background checks, identify potential fraud and identity verfication.


CreditSafe is the world's most used multinational provider of online company credit scores and report information. They provide services to SORQ that reduce credit risk for it’s clients by helping to identify who they're working with.


ComplyAdvantage uses a unique, AI driven algorithm to identify potential fraud in clients and is a must have in the financial services and payments industry. Their approach helps to prevent the fraud before it happens, by identifying those who might be interested in committingfinancial crimes.


Jumio is the identity verfication service for companies that would like to have comprehensive compliance. They offer ID verfication, identity verfication, document verfication and allow you to rest easy knowing that the person you're dealing with is the person they say they are.

SORQ stands ready to help you and your company with itsfinancial services, compliance and regulatory schemes. Please, let us know how we can help you, and we'll schedule a call to get your organisation safe, secure and compliant in accordance to all the legal frameworks

Arthur Shah-Nazarov