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Recurring Payments and Fees

Last updated: January 23, 2018

A Rebill (recurring payments) sale is a contract between the Merchant and the Cardholder whereby at the time of the Initial transaction the Cardholder agrees to the terms and conditions of the sale by completing the Payment Page with his card details. All of the following rules are based upon this assumption.

By entering the website you agree with recurring payments terms and conditions.

Standard services: The standard fee and any fixed, recurring services requested by the Customer are billed in advance and payable upon receipt of invoice. Where a daily rate applies, the charge for any such month will be 30 times the standard fee. For a period of less than a month the standard fee will be applied on a daily basis. 

Recurring services will be provided by Sorq at the specified rates for the duration of your Agreement (including any renewal). If a Customer has a need to cancel a recurring service they may request this at any time up to the notification due date of the agreement. The cancellation will be applied from the first day of the renewal start. Recurring card payments are automatically collected  each month at not specific date.

There is no public pricing as this information is strictly confidential as consist the commercial secret and is calculated to each customer individually based on the signed agreement.

Pay-as-you-use and Additional Variable Services:

Fees for pay-as-you-use services, plus applicable taxes, in accordance with our published rates which may change from time to time, are billed in arrears and payable upon receipt of invoice. Should Pay-as-you-use and Additional Variable Services exceed the remaining retainer (if there is such) amount after deducting all overdue balances Regus has the right to request an upfront payment from the client before delivering the service or placing an order.

Registration Fee: 

A one-time registration fee may be charged in the amount negotiated in agreements for company products.

Late Payment Fee: 

All invoices are due upon receipt. Late fee dates will vary based on the type of service/invoice that is provided. At any time, the Customer may ask the company team on what date a late fee will be assessed. If the Client does not pay fees when due, a service fee of 1000 € plus interest at the rate of 10% per month on the amounts outstanding will be applied. If the Client disputes any part of an invoice the Client must pay the amount not in dispute by the due date or be subject to late fees. Sorq also reserves the right to withhold services (including for the avoidance of doubt, denying the Client service delivery) while there are any outstanding fees and interest or the Client is in breach of this agreement.

Insufficient Funds Fee: 

The Client will pay a fee of 1000 € or the maximum amount permitted by law for the return of any returned cheque or any other declined payment due to insufficient funds.

E-mail notifications:

E-mail receipts will be automatically sent to customers from Sorq upon both the Initial transaction and each subsequent Rebill transaction. Such notifications would contain information about the goods or services provided, the amount charged and the Customer Support contact details of the company. 

  • Upon any cardholder dispute, the e-mail receipt will be automatically included in the re-presentment files submitted to the bank;
  • Any confirmation e-mail returned as undeliverable will result in the charge being cancelled or refunded;
  • Any complaint or negative response to the e-mail receipt received by Sorq will result in a notification of the problem to the Customer Support. If no resolution to the issue has been reached within 48 hours, the charge will be Refunded or Cancelled. Under special circumstances a transaction may be refunded immediately (i.e. specific accusations, or obvious threat from customer). In such cases, merchant shall be notified of the action taken.

Transaction processing:

  • Cardholder Data (CHD) is defined as the card number, the expiration date and the CVV and must be entered only on the Payment Page and only by the actual cardholder. 
  • General rule is that all Initial transactions are processed following 3D Secure protocol.